Hind Leg Weakness in Dogs: 5 Tips to Strengthen Your Dog's Bones
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Hind Leg Weakness in Dogs: 5 Tips to Strengthen Your Dog’s Bones

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Hind leg weakness in dogs is pretty common. Dogs can become weak for a number of reasons, from injury to the worsening of genetic bone and joint disorders. This can result in occasional limping, hind leg weakness in dogs, a dog’s front legs collapsing, or a dog’s back legs collapsing. To watch a video on 15 Common Causes of Dog Limping check out: https://youtu.be/8a5SHGyfBeQ.

If you want to know how to help a limping dog, be sure to read our tips on our blog on steps you should take:

But if you’ve visited your vet and ruled out any acute injuries, then you can start focusing your efforts on keeping your dog’s skeletal system strong. Skeletal strength is the key to mobility and comfort. Follow these 5 tips to keep your dog healthy and playing through all stages of life! Read our blog post for more tips at: http://boneo.bio-rep.com/blog/dog-health/312/5-ways-to-strengthen-your-dogs-bones

Hind leg weakness in Dogs Tip 1: Exercise
Dogs need exercise to keep their spirits up, hearts strong, and their bones and joints lubricated and in motion. Playing, walking and running are the usual exercises for a dog, they need it just like we need visits to the gym.

Hind leg weakness in Dogs Tip 2: Nutrition
The bone is a mineral bank and guess where those minerals come from? That’s right, your dog’s diet. Certain nutritional imbalances can cause bone problems and weakness in dogs. A high quality diet, that is complete in vitamins, minerals, proteins, and lipids, is key to ensuring that your dog stays healthy.

Hind leg weakness in Dogs Tip 3: Control Weight
Bones provide structure and allow for movement, but they also bear weight. Dog obesity is a serious problem; even though your chubby little pal might look cute, the extra weight can negatively impact his or her skeletal frame. Maintaining a healthy weight is one of the best ways you can keep your dog’s bones strong and avoid development of bone and joint issues.

Hind leg weakness in Dogs Tip 4: Wellness Checkups
Many bone-related problems can be monitored or avoided through wellness check-ups. Schedule annual check-ups for young healthy dogs and schedule more frequent check-ups for senior dogs or dogs that have existing conditions.

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For information on senior dog hind leg weakness, be sure to visit our blog here: http://boneo.bio-rep.com/blog/dog-health/371/tips-to-cope-with-senior-dog-hind-leg-weakness.

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