Harmonize Joint: Natural Dog Arthritis Relief
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Harmonize Joint: Natural Dog Arthritis Relief

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Dr. Marc Smith, PET | TAO co-founder and practicing veterinarian:

Hello, ladies and gentlemen. I’m Dr. Marc Smith, 20-year practicing veterinarian and co-creator of PET TAO Holistic Pet Products. Thank you for watching the video.

Today I’m here to talk about the PET TAO Holistic Pet Products supplement line. We’ve got five supplements, and we got a bunch more coming, hopefully, at the end of this year, but today I want to talk about this bad boy.

It’s called Harmonize Joint, and it’s for dogs specifically that have arthritis, arthritis, dogs with cruciate disease, or hip dysplasia, or slipped disc, or discospondylitis, all those things that lead to bony growth where bone rubs on bone and tendon and ligaments detached from bone that cause the pain of arthritis. This supplement is for those specific pets.

There’s a Western application to Harmonize Joint, and it’s glucosamine. We’ve all heard of that, okay?

But there’s also an Eastern application, and the thing you need to know is that using both of these applications together makes for a more potent, a more powerful, and a way better supplement to give your pet.

For example, in this product, we have Sea Cucumber. Cucumber is typically a cooling energetic, and a lot of arthritis or arthritic problems are warming, and so in Eastern medicine, we balance that. That’s what makes this supplement so powerful and so good is that we take Western components, we blend them with Eastern components for an overall better product.

If you’re interested in Harmonize Joint, go to http://store.pettao.com. Educate yourself. Learn about it. Order some, and if your dog has arthritis, I promise he’ll thank you for it.

Thank you for watching, and if you have any other questions, contact us at http://www.pettao.com. Learn about Harmonize Joint, and we will guide you, and we will help you through the way to helping your pet with arthritis.