FlexiDog The #1 Supplements for Dogs - Best Dog Joint Supplement
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FlexiDog The #1 Supplements for Dogs – Best Dog Joint Supplement

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Designed By Veterinarians to be Everything You Could Ever Want in a Dog Joint Supplement!

Remember not all of these so called neutraceuticals will work on all pets, but we have found over the years these ingredients to work better than any other combination we have tried. Note we have tried almost all of them!!!

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As working vets with over 30 years’ experience, we’ve come to know a thing or two about dog joint health and arthritis. We have come to realize that many dog so called joint supplements are simply inferior products that don’t work like they should. That’s why we created Flexidog a high quality, safe, delicious supplement to help maintain your pets comfort and mobility. Flexidog was created based on feedback from our many clients over the years, and our own personal experiences. A recent trial at the Royal Vet College in London is one of the first in the world to start adding some concrete evidence that the ingredients we use actually do work in many pets with stiff joints and mobility issues

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