Fishing dog crashes into water
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Fishing dog crashes into water

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Dog gets a little too eager thinking he’s got a fish & flops off his tube.

Reb has some trouble getting up the river some days. We built him a boat, so he can still go fishing. We’re only after an invasive species of Carp, any fish that are caught are eaten by the dogs.

Reb is a 13, almost 14 year old 100 lb. Chesapeake bay retriever. He has severe hip dysplasia, arthritis, & other old dog health issues. He struggles to walk & needs quite a bit of help getting around. He lives on a river & seems to get a few years younger once he’s in the water swimming & fishing. He has been chasing fish his entire life but only perfected his fishing in the past 2-3 years. He is addicted & needs to get in a river or lake every day.