Finding The Right Feline Arthritis Meds
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Finding The Right Feline Arthritis Meds

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Cosmo is almost 17 years old. She has bad arthritis in her hips and front paws (DO NOT declaw your cats, I was young and dumb and now Mo is paying the price).

She has been on supplements for awhile but they stopped really helping a couple years ago. We tried a couple types of meds with no help, and initially I gave up.

We tried again, and finally found the right combo for her and she is back to being her ornery self. Zooming around, dragging her ‘kill’ out of the toy boxes, and generally enjoying life much much more.

If you find your older cat sleeping more and not playing any longer, I urge you to talk to your vet. If arthritis or pain is a problem, there are quite a few options to try. It might take some time and testing to find what works for your cat, but it is definitely worth it in the end. Make sure you get blood work before you start any meds as feline liver and kidneys are very sensitive to these medications. I made sure Cosmo was at her best health levels she could be before starting any treatment programs. We also use the absolute minimum dose we can to achieve comfort levels.