Dog with torn ACL Tear (CCL)
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Dog with torn ACL Tear (CCL)

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This is our beloved Shadow at age 10. Yes I know Shadow has long toe nails – his grown incredibly fast and he hates to get them clipped so we work with it.
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***I highly recommend these Red and Infrared Light Therapy Pads: The medium pad is very versatile and light therapy is so powerful. Or a cold laser as well – I have both.

I cant recommend this harness enough – it seems a bit spendy but worth its weight in gold for you and your dog:

I purchased a Class III cold laser and that has helped so much. I just recently did this and wish I had done it years ago when he was first injured. The cost is 5.

Finally Calm Dog magnesium supplement helps address the muscle component – relaxes the muscles and the dog.

All of these suggestions can be used with or without surgery.
2013 – My almost 10 year old lab/shephard mix was diagnosed with a CCL (ACL in humans) tear or rupture in his left hind knee. I am going to document our experience with this on video. Shadow has been with us since he was 8 weeks ago and never had a sick or injured moment – so this is quite a surprise and challenge. We opted for conservative management due to his age. If your dog is healthy enough and you can afford surgery, I think that I would highly consider that route in hindsight. We felt Shadow was at an age that might not do well for recovery.

Update: Shadow passed away January 28, 2017 at age 13. Rest in piece sweet baby.