Dog Arthritis and Osteoarthritis Symptoms Causes and Treatment Video
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Dog Arthritis and Osteoarthritis Symptoms Causes and Treatment Video

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Veterinarian Dr. Patrick McHale from reviews mild and severe dog arthritis and osteoarthritis causes, symptoms, prevention and treatment tips. Dogs with arthritis feel as much pain as humans do. Symptoms usually start with limping, reluctance to rise, less running, when as dog doesn’t jump as much such as when going into a car or up on a couch, and being stiff first thing in the morning.

Joint disorders and arthritis in dogs is caused by hereditary in dogs such as hip dysplasia, injury or trauma such as when hit by a car results in the development of arthritis later in life, or being over weight (40% of dogs are over weight).

A veterinarian will start with X-Rays to diagnose the problem. Osteoarthritis effects almost 50% of all pets.

There are multiple treatments available for treatment of arthritis in dogs. Pet parents can help to prevent arthritis in dogs by regulating diet, growth rate and regular exercise. With this approach they are a little less likely to get arthritis later in life. Managing weight puts less stress and strain on the body and joints. Physical therapy can also help.

Anti-inflammatory medications can help to take care of pain and reduce inflammation. They are used judiciously to avoid side effects. This is often used with natural remedies such as glucosamine which help to make the joint surfaces healthier.

Multiple approaches are often use in combination.

Do not use human medications due to the risk of toxicity or poisoning associated with products such as Tylenol. Visit the website listed at the top of this description to hear a podcast with more tips of arthritis in dogs.