Caring for My Dog with Bladder Cancer
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Caring for My Dog with Bladder Cancer

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My dog, Clyde was diagnosed with bladder cancer on May 2nd, 2017. We decided to not put him through chemo or radiation, and I am treat him as I would a human with cancer. Between his pills and Bonnie’s liver and arthritis pills, it’s quite the routine! My pups are worth it, though! 🙂

Clyde (lemon beagle with orange harness):
– Omega 3
– Astragalus
– Sulforphane
– Immune boosting blend (Imunalive) (he’s on another one now, too)
– Carprofen (prescription NSAID)
– Digestive Enzyme/Probiotic blend
– Veggies in his kibble

Bonnie (tri-color with a purple harness):
– Arthroplex
– Beta TCP
– Veggies
– Enzyme blend

Music: Luce, Buy a dog

Also! Guest appearance by my two year old, Jess 🙂