Canine arthritis - Ajax running thx to turmeric
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Canine arthritis – Ajax running thx to turmeric

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Ajax is an older dog (at least 14 years old). He has had a limp on his rear left leg since he showed up at our place 13 years ago but as he aged he was less and less willing to walk or run.
He has been on vit. C + vit. E + flax oil, which did help.
I then added glucosamine + chondroitin, which helped even more.
About 6 months ago, I added L-Glutamine (on the advice of a professional tree-climbing friend whose body is starting to suffer from past abuse) and that was very helpful too. And then, I tried TURMERIC! That same day, Ajax asked to go with us to our daily walk to the orchard (about 300 yards), uninvited! Every day now he goes with us, and RUNS. LOOK AT HIM!
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