Buy Rimadyl For Dogs online - Carprofen Painkiller for dogs
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Buy Rimadyl For Dogs online – Carprofen Painkiller for dogs

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Hey there. I made a quick video of how I was able to buy Rimadyl (carprofen) for dogs cheap and or anything of that sort. I purchased Rimadyl and didn’t need any discount code, rebate, coupon or anything.

The company shipped it to me fast and the shipping was free.

Previously, I would have to go to the veterinarian’s office to get a prescription for my dog at about dollars for a 24 count. In Which I was instructed to give to me dog twice a day. So really, this lasted me 12 days at a time.

This solution was quite costly- i did not want to go through having to go to the vet and then pick up the medication. I saw it as a waste of time and money. So I sought out online for a solution and found a website where they were able to send me a generic version of Rimadyl – carporfen.

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