Blood stem cells, Degenerative arthritis in a dog.
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Blood stem cells, Degenerative arthritis in a dog.

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Degenerative arthritis in a dog.
This Rottweiler was taken from the dog pound when he was 11. He was brought to me because of his serious arthritis.
Even when his owners were having a barbecue in the garden he remained lying down because he did not have the strength to get up even though he could smell the meat cooking.
He arrived under anti-inflammatory drugs and moved with difficulty.
I cannot promise results for old dogs with serious pathologies, but I trusted in my therapy and injected stem cells intravenously in the sacro-iliac and coxo-femoral joints.
They brought him back after 3 and half months, the dog was transformed: he had put on weight, his coat was shiny and walked almost normally without having taken anti-inflammatory drugs and seemed noticeably younger. In fact friends thought he was a different dog.
I have had the same results in many cases of degenerative arthritis and elbow dysplasia in dogs.
Do you realize what one can do with a small amount of our blood…….
So many people who have difficulty walking could get better!
Autologous blood stem cells are prepared in 72 hours from a few mls. of blood, they are a small energetic bomb that informs and organizes the other cells, but above all it is the right brain that is the real orchestra director of the organism.
The energy of the stem cells that we inject I.V. is so high that the cells become the “whole” and the organism becomes a hologram of these cells and is reset instantly.
After having done the job of preventing and curing that lasts over time, within a few seconds the stem cells return to their physiological concentration in the blood therefore have no side effects.
A therapy invented and organized in a natural way without side effects!