Arthritis treatments for pets Bedford, Indiana
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Arthritis treatments for pets Bedford, Indiana

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Phone: 812-279-1516.
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Located in Bedford, Indiana, Animal Care Clinic is a veterinary clinic dedicated to providing loving care for pets and animals through the latest technology and treatment options.

Since 1985, Animal Care Clinic has been serving the community with a range of veterinary services for dogs and cats. With a professional staff and personalized treatment, let Animal Care Clinic provide your pet with preventive health care and diagnostic examinations, dental care including digital x-rays, pain management, arthritis treatment, rehabilitation, PRP therapy, stem cell, chiropractic, acupuncture and much more. We also offer personalized immunizations schedules designed to protect each pet against a variety of health concerns.

Our goal is for you and your pet to have a relaxing and comfortable visit at Animal Care Clinic. To schedule an appointment with a veterinarian, please visit or call 812-279-1516.