Arthritis in Dogs: A Success Story
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Arthritis in Dogs: A Success Story

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Testimonial by Dean & Cheri

A couple years ago, just prior to Thanksgiving, we noticed Jackson (our Belgian Shepherd mix) struggling to stand up and moving slowly once on his feet. He had just experienced a busy weekend of running, jumping and playing fetch, so we let him have extra rest. But by late Wednesday, Jackson rose slowly and could not hold himself up—his hind legs would not function. We had to lift him into the back of our Jeep to go to vet (normally he jumps into the back of the jeep without hesitation).

“We are continually grateful that the protocol for our dog’s care and well-being has not included any other prescription medications for his treatment of osteoarthritis.”

At the vet, Jackson could not stand on the scale or walk more than a few steps for the doctor to assess the situation. He was sedated and taken in for x-rays. The radiographs showed 2-3 areas of impingement along his spine and the vet explained that Jackson’s legs were not getting the message from his brain due to swelling and arthritis forming in 3 vertebrae. Short of surgery, the choice to bring down inflammation was NSAIDs. We gave Jackson full doses for 4 days before seeing improvement, then reduced the dosage. We were told that Jackson would need regular blood tests before each Rx renewal so that the doctor could monitor the negative side effects of the drugs.

We shared our dilemma with Dr. Beardsley and he suggested talking to our vet about administering an injection of LTCI, which we did. Jackson showed marked improvement in just 24 hours and we are grateful that his situation is under control with this medication. We have not noticed any further deterioration and are hopeful that we can continue these periodic injections and avoid spinal surgery.

Update: Jackson is now 10, almost 11 years old, and we have continued to administer periodic injections of LTCI as needed. We have gone as little as 3 months and as many as 5 between injections. With these 3-4 injections per year, Jackson has been able to enjoy his morning walks and afternoon ball tosses without pain. We are continually grateful that the protocol for Jackson’s care and well-being has not included any other prescription medications for the treatment of his osteoarthritis.

Thank You and Sincerely,

Dean and Cheri

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