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Rummy’s Beach Club in Spring, TX
Warm Water Dog Swimming – Canine Aquatics – Canine Fitness
Private Hourly Warm Water Dog Swimming Appointments

Come Swim With Your Dog at Rummy’s Beach Club in Spring, Texas, just north of Houston – perfect for dogs with pain from arthritis. YOUR arthritis will feel better after being in the warm water as well! Dog swimming is great for obesity, back & leg problems, walking difficulties, joint dysplasia and to stay in shape for Dock Dogs, flyball, the Show ring, agility, etc.

Classes at Rummy’s include Warm Water Aerobics, Learn How to Swim Dogs & Open a Dog Swimming facility, Dock Jumping — Dock Diving — Dock Dogs, Wet Doggie Boot Camp, Dog CPR, T-Touch (Tellington Touch), Canine Massage, Holistic Dog Care and more coming!

Visit RummysBeachClub.com for more info or follow us on Facebook